“Working with Colette was great, we all clicked with her straight away and that made the whole consolation process quite good fun! She made a really considered evaluation of us, which was amazingly accurate coming from someone we’d only recently met.  The most useful things for us were the action points – we’d knew sort of what we wanted to do in terms of work, but had no idea how to get there – being shown what to do, and having it broken down into manageable action points has helped us no end. It’s made the task seem much more achievable, especially combined with goals to aim towards. We’d absolutely recommend Colette to our friends, and have done so already! It was a great experience, we’ve gained some invaluable knowledge and really been shown what’s possible and achievable. She’s an inspiration so will be recommended for life!”

Tim Mogridge, MD, Stitchthat 

Stitchthat is a London based production collective, born from a shared passion for film-making and music. Working collaboratively to direct and produce quality film and video content across music and advertising; we don’t have clients, we have friends.